A Gathering Storm - Rachel Hore This book took a little while to get going, and the flitting back and forth in time took a while to get used to, but once the story kicked in it was so hard to put down. Alternating between the present day, and Cornwall in World War Two, we learn the story of Beatrice as she struggles to fit into society, as she recalls her life to curious Lucy, who is searching for more information about her family. Beatrice's story provides a brilliant glimpse into the life of women during the war, and the story approaches the subject in such a way that we see the impact on everyday life, something which is at times heartbreaking to read. You get drawn into the lives of the characters and long to know their fate, and as the pieces begin to fit together it's impossible to pull away from. A really interesting mix of contemporary and historical fiction, in a really simple, enjoyable story. I'd really recommend it.