Delirium (Delirium #1) - Lauren Oliver After reading Lauren Oliver's previous book "Before I Fall" I was really excited to read more from her. This book follows Lena, who lives in a society where love is seen a disease. At age 18 everyone must undergo a procedure to "cure" them from the effects of love. The story picks up in the months leading up to Lena's procedure, something she has fully accepted as normal, and despite her nerves about her upcoming evaluation to find a suitable "pair" or husband for after she is cured, she knows that this is what everyone has to do; it's the norm. The fact she is so accepting of this world she lives in makes for a haunting, at times, disturbing read, and turns into a gripping tense story as she slowly learns more about the world and the lies she has been fed on. Oliver's writing is beautiful and captivating, wrapping you up in the descriptions and really bringing the characters to life. A definite recommended read!