A Visit From The Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan The way this book had opened had me really intrigued as to the characters the story going to be dealing with, but unfortunately that was ruined by the non-linear way it was written. The book jumps about from character to character and back and forth in time, so in one chapter you can be focussed on someone you really find yourself drawn to, and in the next chapter not only are they a background character, they're also 20 years younger than the last time you saw them. It gets a little confusing after a while, because I found I started to forget who people were and what had happened to them, as well as being caught off guard by the sudden change in their age. It's a shame because I think if the story just ran in the order the events happened then it would be worth it at the end. There's a good story buried in there somewhere and I loved the characters and their individula plots, but not the way they were displayed.