The Calling: Darkness Rising: Book 02 - Kelley Armstrong Full review posted here:

This book picks up right after where The Gathering left off, with Maya and the others on the helicopter being evacuated from a fire ravaged Salmon Creek. It soon becomes obvious that something isn't quite right with the evacuation and the story suddenly becomes a tense, exciting fight for survival.

I absolutely loved this book; even more than The Gathering! You find out a lot more about Maya and her hidden abilities, and more excitingly you start to learn more about some of the background characters. I was really excited to learn more about Sam and Nicole in particular. I'm always really pleased when there's more to a character that originally meets the eye!

The characters spend a lot of this book in constant peril which really amps up the tension. Unlike the previous book, I didn't get bored once and was gripped throughout. There's plenty of twists and turns throughout and everyone's loyalty comes into question. Seeing Maya explore her new found powers was really exciting too and she got some really great action heroine moments. There's just something about her character I really like especially her sense of humour and the way she interacts with the male characters - like she's an equal to them.

A really exciting second instalment in the Darkness Rising trilogy with plenty of action and surprises that kept me glued to the page.