Intangible - J. Meyers Review posted here:

I have a lot of books to read at the moment, including a steadily building pile of review copies, but this book jumped out at me as something I'd like and so it found itself at the top of the queue! The book follows twins Sera and Luke as they deal with their life, knowing they have powers they cannot share with anyone but each other. With Luke having visions of terrible things to come, it becomes clear that something is going to have to give.

Firstly, I absolutely loved the relationship between Sera and Luke. Not only are they twins, but they have this special bond with both of them having powers - Sera can heal people and Luke can see the future. My favourite scenes were when the two of them were together and their personalities bounced off each other. I'd find myself laughing along with their jokes and it made the whole reading experience that bit more enjoyable!

The book is written in third person and showcases different characters' points of view, a technique that was extremely well done in this book. The narratives flowed from one person to the other perfectly and smoothly, and it gave the chance for every character to have their moment to shine and for the reader to witness all the unfolding drama happening in each character's life. I really loved how it was written and the characters were all really interesting, from Marc who can hear people's thoughts to the mysterious vampire Jonas.

There was lots of tension as you get to glimpse the future through Luke's visions and then wait for them to unfold. I read the last 100 or so pages from the edge of my seat, unable to put it down as I waited to find out what happened! And plenty of action at the end to make the pay-off worth it.

I really loved the world this book takes place in with all the supernatural characters. There was a really good balance between the real and the fantasy, I thought, and it had all the right elements to it.