Shiver  - Maggie Stiefvater This is the first book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. I picked it up for a bargain £1.99 after I read the blurb and looked up the book on Goodreads. I hadn't read anything by this author but it caught my attention and for that price I couldn't resist!

The book tells the story of Grace, who has been fascinated by the wolves living in the wood at the back of her house ever since an encounter with them as a child. She's drawn to one wolf in particular - one with yellow eyes who, when human, is a boy named Sam. The story is told from both Grace and Sam's perspectives as they both search for each other after meeting for the first time when Sam was a wolf. When they finally meet as humans they develop a close relationship as they battle to keep Sam warm and human.

I really loved the unique twist on werewolves that forms the basis of this story. The wolves shift when their temperature drops too low (hence the title of the book!) and it was just a really interesting take on werewolves that made the story feel fresh. It leaves this threat hanging over the characters throughout the story - the fact that winter is approaching and it means that the wolves time as humans is limited, which made it a really gripping read.

The relationship between Grace and Sam was what absolutely won me over with this book. It was unlike any relationship I'd read before - totally in a good way! There was no "does he/she like me" or anything like cliched like that. These two were already so comfortable with each other and just utterly perfect together and had this amazing chemistry that made me adore reading about them. Their bond is so special and they fit so well together that it's just an absolute pleasure to spend time with the characters. It was one of those books I didn't want to finish because I was just so in love with everything about their story!

As individuals, too, Grace and Sam are great characters. I liked that you got the story told from both their perspectives so you could get inside both of their heads. I think Sam's chapters were my favourite because he's such a special character. He's so vulnerable and sweet!

The writing in this book was so beautiful, too. The descriptions of the wolves, the weather and the emotion between Grace and Sam was just breathtaking.

If you like supernatural stories with a twist, or just a really good, non-slushy, beautiful love story between two awesome characters then this book is a must. I adored it!