Separate Lives - Kathryn Flett I was sent a copy of this book as part of the Waterstone's cardholder review scheme, in which you are sent a copy of a book in return for a review on their website. I've posted this review there first so now I'm posting it here, too!

Separate Lives follows the lives of several characters. There's Susie, who has just discovered a suspicious text on her partner Alex's phone, Alex and his parents and siblings, and Pippa, the mysterious other woman. The book is told from several points of view, and mixes up the narrative by using letters and email conversations which was something I absolutely loved.

I can safely say that, after reading this book, my faith in chick-lit has been restored! This book was smart and funny (I was giggling from the first few pages in) and brilliantly honest. Most of all it felt real. One of my main problems with chick-lit can be the ridiculous "that would never happen" moments but I had none of that with this book. There were no cringe-worthy, toe-curling moments and no clich├ęs. It was just brilliantly well done, and I'd find myself nodding along in agreement when the characters made a certian hilarious observation.

The plot itself was so engaging, too. I was constantly surprised by the twists and turns along the way and I loved how all the characters' lives were linked. I couldn't put this book down and enjoyed spending time with the characters, which is one of the biggest compliments I can give a book. There were some really heartwarming moments throughout, alongside some fantastic humour and the book deals with the topics of family, relationships and work in a wonderfully entertaining way. I'd recommend it for those who are maybe a bit sceptical about chick-lit, as I have been in the past. If you like Elizabeth Noble then this is definitely a book to check out.