Dead Until Dark  - Charlaine Harris I haven't read a lot of vampire books (although I have read plenty with vampires in them, just not based entirely around vampires) but I'd been eyeing up this one for a while. The story focuses on Sookie, a waitress who can read minds. When a vampire ends up in the bar she works in her life starts to change, as she gets closer to him, and their small town is rocked by a series of murders. What really grabbed me about this book was Sookie, and her voice throughout the story. She's feisty and funny, and speaks her mind yet at the same time we see her vulnerable side as she battles her "disability" and lack of experience with guys. It was really refreshing seeing a female lead as unique and captivating as her and it made it such an entertaining read. The mystery surrounding the murders is done really well, too, tense and exciting throughout. Loved it!