Catching the Fever - Kylee Gwartney Full review posted here on TotalTeenFiction.

I got sent a copy of this book by the author and really liked the sound of it. Paisley is the new girl at O'Riley and her roommate Claudia isn't impressed by her obsession with the popstar Justin Crew. Only when the future of their school is threatened, it seems like Justin may just be the answer they've been looking for. Along with Claudia's friends Brynn and Norah, the girls plot a way to get Justin to perform at a benefit concert for their school.

Now I know what you're thinking. A popstar called Justin? Who teenage girls are obsessed over? That sounds familiar! Indeed it does. You only have to have a Twitter account to see how stars like Bieber, One Direction and other similar people attract a wave of frenzy wherever they go. That makes this book feel pretty current. Even those of us who are a bit old for the teen popstars of today will have obsessed over something at sometime (for me it was Green Day - pictures in my locker, lyrics on my pencil case etc. etc.) The fictional Justin Crew in this story is pretty much Bieber (he's Canadian and has fans called "Crewlievers"). But that didn't put me off.

What really drew me into this book was the characters. Each of the four girls has some drama going on but, more importantly, the relationship between the group of them was just spot on. They were funny and wound each other up, comforted each other and made each other laugh. Even I was laughing along at some of their conversations! I really loved getting to know all the girls. You get chapters told from each of their point of views which worked for the most part (sometimes I'd get a little confused about who's point of view I was reading at that moment) because it gave each character their chance to shine. I was most drawn to Paisley who was such a fascinating character. If you'd asked me beforehand if I'd have chosen the Justin Crew fangirl as my favourite character then I probably wouldn't have believed you. But this book really shied away from the stereotypical image of those fans and gave a fresh approach to them.

There's some lovely moments where the characters deal with relationships. Brynn is having boyfriend trouble and her relationship with her mum is strained at best. Other issues were addressed really well, too. Claudia is feeling pressure from her parents, Norah has insecurities and Paisley is worried about her total lack of experience with boys. There were just so many levels to the characters.

I got so excited when I noticed Harry Potter references in this book as well! Chameleons named Harry and Ron - amazing. The book is littered with little details like that that really made me smile as well. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the constant mention of brand names and designers.

The plot isn't the most out there in the world and it may be a tad predictable but I still enjoyed every minute. I was totally into it by the end and getting all excited for the characters!

It's a great little girly, chick-lit kind of read and anyone who has at some point obsessed over some celebrity will love it, but even those sceptics of teenage fangirls should give it a go as well. I was pleasantly surprised!