The Lies We Told - Diane Chamberlain I've read a few of Diane Chamberlain's books now and she's fast becoming a favourite author of mine. This book tells the story of sisters Maya and Rebecca, who have grown up without their parents after losing them in a tragic shooting when they were teenagers. Maya is facing the huge obstacle of not being able to have children and the strain that is putting on her marriage. Rebecca, meanwhile, is struggling to accept the idea of settling down. Whilst Rebecca and Maya's husband battle to save lives in the aftermath of a hurricaine, all their relationship troubles must be addressed.

I loved the way the emotional drama was ramped up in this book. Not only do you become captivated by the characters and their indivdual struggles but Chamberlain manages to create even more tension with the ongoing battle against the living conditions they are facing due to the hurricaine. Maya ends up meeting some really interesting characters and the book takes a whole different turn I really wasn't expecting. Both her and Rebecca's stories had me absolutely gripped throughout.

There are mysteries to be unravelled, lives in dangers and relationships blossoming. Plenty of action, too. This book has everything!