The Island - Victoria Hislop A friend lent me this book, which isn't one I would have picked up myself. It follows the story of Alexis who decides to delve a little deeper into her mother's past. The family history centres around the Greek island of Spinalonga, a leper colony.

The subject matter was definitely the most interesting part of the tale. I thought the issues raised about the colony itself, where sufferers were sent to live separately from the rest of the population, were thought provoking. It made a great subject for a novel. Despite the subject matter it still felt like quite a light read. I managed to get through the book quite quickly, and the history didn't way it down. I enjoyed seeing the years around World War two from the perspective of Greek islanders, a different perspective to what I've read in the past. The scenery was wonderful, too.

The writing style wasn't quite to my taste. A lot of time it was far too wordy, with unecessary description etc. I quite liked the fact it was told at first from Alexis' point of view and then flashed back to the history of her family, but it could have done with more focus on her. I didn't really feel there was enough emotional attachment to her to make her journey into her past as gripping as it could have been.

A good idea for a story and interesting enough to make a worthwhile read.