Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins Full review here on TotalTeenFiction

If there's a type of book I can almost guarantee I'll love, it's one set in a magical school. Hex Hall tells the story of Sophie Mercer, a witch whose latest spell mishap lands her in Hectate Hall, a reformatory school for magical students.

Literally within the first few pages I knew I was going to adore this book! Sophie's humour from the very first page was hilarious and instantly I was hooked. It's in the first person so you get her witty, sarcastic view on the world and the people around her and I was laughing all the way through. I just loved the writing style! Sophie as a character is pretty brilliant, too. She's a bit of a klutz and feels totally out of her depth at her new school. Growing up as a witch, separated from the magical world, she's used to living the human life and soon realises she's going to have to embrace her powers.

What made this book even more awesome was the mix of magical people. Witches, check. Shifters, check. Vampires, check. Faeries, check. It's a winning combination, and throw in all the teen drama and competition between the different magical races and it adds up to a constantly exciting story. The school setting providing everything from cool classes, that give you a glimpse of everybody's powers, to romantic clashes. Sophie's fellow witches Elodie, Chaston and Anna provide plenty of bitchiness and upset to Sophie's school life which upped the drama. Add in the fact that Elodie is dating the gorgeous Archer who Sophie finds herself drawn to and there's plenty of drama and rivalry to get stuck into! Just what I like.

My favourite character, though, was Sophie's best friend Jenna, a vampire with a southern accent, love of pink and wicked sense of humour. She really stood out to me. I loved every moment when Sophie and Jenna were together. They made a hilarious pairing!

Throughout the book there's plenty of mystery and intrigue, from Sophie's family to the "covern" trio of Anna, Chaston and Elodie. There's plenty of things for Sophie to discover about the school itself and the people she meets there. I was totally gripped as the ending provided more and more twists and turns, including some truly jaw-dropping surprises!

I wish I'd picked up this book sooner because I totally fell in love with everything about it. If you love magic school stories then don't miss this one!

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