Stray  - Rachel Vincent I've been wanting to check out Rachel Vincent's books and whilst this series wasn't top of my list, when I saw it in a charity shop for 30p a book then I grabbed the opportunity. A Kelley Armstrong quote on the cover helped me decide, too!

Stray tells the story of Faythe, shapeshifting, werecat college student. Females are rare amongst werecats and so are guarded fiercely, meaning Faythe has come to resent the protective bubble she's grown up in. When females start disappearing, things get even more difficult.

I was completely hooked into this book from the beginning. I loved the writing style, especially the action and tension throughout the book. There's plenty of sexual tension between Faythe and other members of her pride. It made for some interesting romantic developments throughout. I liked the plot and the mystery element as Faythe's pride try to track down the cats responsible for the disappearence of several girls.

These books are pretty gritty and deal with some tough subjects (rape being one of them) as well as having a rising body count, so definitely a book for fans of slightly more adult urban fantasy. It's a genre I love and this is definitely a series I'm looking forward to reading more of.

My only real flaw with the book was the pacing. Stray comes in at 600 pages (although it's a fairly small sized paperback and the font isn't at all small) so when some of the scenes started to drag I thought it could have been cut down a lot.