Crescendo  - Becca Fitzpatrick Review also posted here on TotalTeenFiction

I really enjoyed Hush, Hush so I was excited to pick this book up! It's not all roses for Nora and Patch as their relationship faces new obstacles and Patch is acting even more mysterious. Throw in a guy from Nora's past and more problems with Marcie Millar and Nora's got a lot on her plate.

What was great about this book was that it delved a little deeper into Nora's family. There's more of a focus on her dad's death and even her mum gets a bit more notice. I love all the description and tension throughout the book. I think the stand out character for me, though, is Vee. She just adds that fantastic wit and humour throughout and some of the stuff she comes out with is brilliant. Every book should have a Vee!

When it comes to the relationship between Nora and Patch there's a lot of bickering and jealousy, which wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Patch had won me over as a bad boy in the first book but I wasn't sure he had he same allure this time round. I think the thing with this series is that so much of the book hangs on Patch being mysterious to make the story work. You spend the whole time as a reader wanting to know what he's really thinking and really up to but sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for Nora. I just wish she had more to be happy about! There's definitely a certain pull between them though that made me still care about what happens. I think the author gets that tension between them pretty spot on.

In this book we also get to meet Scott, a guy Nora knew as a child. He adds a new element of mystery to the book as Nora's sure there's more to him than he's let on. With so many shady characters it's so hard to work out who's just being secretive and who's genuinely up to no good. It meant I was completely in the dark by the end which I loved, but sometimes I was struggling to keep up!

This being the second in a series, it really builds up the world that Fitzpatrick has created which is so detailed and intricate. I totally love her writing. It's so addictive! And as with Hush, Hush, the ending to this book was what really made it. There was plenty of drama, action and revelations which had me on tenterhooks!

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