Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Review also posted here on TotalTeenFiction

I was so excited to start this book.. Hush, Hush tells the story of Nora Grey who finds herself being drawn to the mysterious Patch when they're seated together in their biology class. Not only that, but strange things begin happening around Nora; things she can't explain.

This book had me totally hooked from the first couple of chapters. There were so many questions I wanted answering! When Patch is introduced, he's such a mysterious character that, like Nora, I automatically wanted to know more about him. Nora is drawn to him for reasons she can't totally explain, but it managed to avoid feeling too cheesy. I liked that it wasn't too lovey-dovey type of romance.

As well as being mysterious, I loved that Patch was a total bad boy. He was just such an interesting character. In fact, this book is filled with mysterious, intriuging characters! Nora is definitely fascinating: she's lost her dad and struggles to trust people, she sees the school counsellor, her mum is always away working.
I adored her friendship with her best friend Vee. The bounce off each other so well! There's Marcie, the typical popular kid who aggrovates the two of them. Throw in two boys from the local private school and you've got a whole ensemble of interesting people!

Throughout the book you get the whole sense of something really creepy going on. As Nora becomes more and more concerned with the strange things happening to her, the atmosphere gets more and more tense. And then suddenly something dramatic happens and I couldn't put the book down! The author makes you wait a long time before the big reveal so I spent most of the book on the edge of my seat, just waiting for everything to come out. And I loved it! The climax of the story was made even more exciting by the tension created throughout the book and there was plenty of action towards the end. There were some twists and turns I wasn't expecting either which made it even more satisfying!

I can tell this series is going to be one I'm going to want to completely immerse myself in. I love the characters and the excitement and the world itself sounds like it has so much potential. I can't wait to discover more!

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