Forever  - Maggie Stiefvater Full review here on TotalTeenFiction.

(Possible minor spoilers for Shiver/Linger)

I adored the first two books in the trilogy. I've had Forever on my shelves for a while now and finally got round to reading the conclusion to this trilogy. The book picks up where Linger left off with Grace struggling to adapt to her new situation. She's having to spend more time apart from Sam, whilst Isabel is fighting a losing battle with her father who wants the wolves out of Boundary Wood for good.

I was drawn right into this book from the beginning. Reading this trilogy has been a bit like settling down with a comfy pair of slippers and a nice warm blanket, and it felt so good to get back into this world. The pace was pretty gentle but not once did it lose my attention. My heart really went out to Grace. She's become another girl who just disappeared, and it's taken its toll on her, her family and friends as they don't know the truth and the constant threat of the lives of all the wolves meant there was plenty of tension and suspense.

One of my favourite parts of this book was Grace and Sam's relationship, which steps up a notch. I've been waiting for the intensity and connection between these two to be explored a bit more and this book definitely goes deeper into it. I loved it! The tension between Isabel and Cole was a great contrast as well. Both relationships made this book feel a lot more grown up. The trilogy and the characters themselves have definitely developed.

Even the smaller characters got their chance to shine in this book which I really liked. Both Officer Koenig and Rachel's roles throughout Forever were those that stood out for me. It felt like everyone got one last chance to shine.

I was waiting and waiting for the book to reach its climax and it was brilliantly done. When I finished I just didn't want to part with the characters! It managed to wrap things up nicely but left you wanting that bit more as well which was a perfect ending. I'll be re-reading this trilogy in future to get my fix again! Forever is definitely up there with the first two books for me. A must read trilogy!

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