Rush of Blood - Mark Billingham I think this has to be one of my favourite books from Billingham - wow! The story centres around three couples who met on holiday on Florida. Before they leave, a girl staying at their resort goes missing, and even once they return to the UK there's no escaping her disappearance.

The way this book is written and structured is what makes it so brilliant. Chapters are told from the perspective of each of the three couples, alternating between them. They decide to stay in touch after their holiday which provides some awkwardness and tension as they try and organise dinner parties between them.

As well as that, we get chapters from two of the detectives involved in the missing girl's case; one in America and one in the UK. These are perfect for fans of Billingham's other books as it's those parts that feel familiar. Even these characters have backstories built in without it feeling overdone. Otherwise, the book feels a lot more character driven and different to what he's written before.

The genius part, though, is that there are chapters that are written from the guilty party's perspective which touch on what happened. We have no idea who that is so it's a proper tease!

As I've said, this book is all about the characters, although there's plenty of suspense and mystery too. It's clear each couple has a whole load of flaws and issues, and all of the characters are pretty messed up in some way. This makes it near impossible to figure out just who is guilty.

I was absolutely hooked on this book. Not once did I feel my attention waver and I just couldn't help thinking what a genius format it was. The book builds to a pretty impressive climax and it was worth the wait to find out just what went on. This book should appeal to fans of the Thorne novels and new readers. I'd highly reccomend it!