The Storyteller - Jodi Picoult Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors, and I'm always excited for her new releases because her most recent books are (in my opinion) her strongest. The Storyteller was no different. As with her other novels, Picoult has taken on a pretty tough subject for this book - Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

The Storyteller follows Sage, a baker who attends grief counselling sessions after the death of her mother. There she meets Josef Weber, an elderly German who, it turns out, isn't quite the person he seems.

I really liked Sage as a character. She's completely vulnerable, not just because she's lost her mother, but because of a scar that disfigures her face. I really felt for her because she seems like such a wonderful person yet she has such a low vision of herself. The other characters were just as fascinating, from Sage's best friend Mary to Sage's grandmother Minka. Characters are what Jodi Picoult does well.

As with her other novels, this book is told from multiple perspectives - Sage, Minka, Josef and Leo - a government official in charge of tracking down and prosecuting war criminals. I really enjoyed seeing all of their perspectives on the story but by far the most gripping section was Minka's story. I was tearing up at her ordeal which was so heartbreaking to read.

You can tell this book has been thoroughly researched and I think it handles everything so sensitively. It really stirs up some moral dilemmas for Sage which make you question everyone in the book's actions. It had that great mix of historical and contemporary and I loved how Sage's story was weaved into the events of the past. I literally couldn't put this book down and devoured it in just over a day. It's one of my favourite Picoult novels to date and one I'll definitely be recommending to people.