Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes Wow - just finished this one! I was lent this book by a friend and I'd never heard of it before. This is why swapping books with friends is good because I might never have come across this one. Into the Darkest Corner follows Cathy, who is currently struggling with OCD, colleagues she doesn't get on with and her feelings for the new guy who's just moved in upstairs. Alongside that, we hear about her life three years ago when she was in a relationship with Lee.

It took a little while to get into the writing style and how the two parts of Cathy's life are told in alternating chunks. It was hard to believe at first that the two characters were the same person because they felt so different, but we soon learn why Cathy has the issues she does in the present day and how that relates to her past.

Basically, if you have nightmares then you might want to avoid reading this book before bed. Because there is some creepy stuff going down. Cathy's ex Lee is not a nice guy, at all, and some of the stuff he does to her is pretty horrific. Add in her paranoia in her present day life and there is a hell of a lot of suspense. It was really well done and I was completely scared for Cathy.

I thought the issue of her OCD was handled really sensitively and it was good to see Cathy have this challenge to overcome.

I struggled to put this book down because I was just so gripped once the two stories started to come together. I'd really recommend this to people who love a good thriller, but I think it would have a more wider appeal because of the writing style and the focus around Cathy's life.

I was also really excited to read in the author interview in the back that this had been originally written for NaNoWriMo. It's always inspiring to read such a fantastic novel that's come from that event!