Words Words Words - David Crystal I've read a few of David Crystal's other books and really enjoyed them. I love looking at English Language, both for fun and as something I've studied in the past. This book being all about words definitely intrigued me (being someone who owns a word of the day calendar!).

This was a really light-hearted yet educational look at words, where they come from and variations in language. It charted the changes in language and how words come in and out of fashion as well as their change in meaning over time. I particuarly liked the the looks at slang and dialect and how technology has brought a whole new range of words to our vocabulary.

I think this book would have a pretty wide appeal for anyone interested in language as it's not too wordy or offputting. I find David Crystal's writing to be very entertaining. I liked how the book was broken up with boxes every couple of pages focusing on a short experiment or featuring a particular example of something explained in that chapter. It made it nice to read as opposed to being long chunks of text. There were some nice pictures too which always helps! And at 200 pages it's a good way to spend an afternoon. There are also some great tips and exercises at the back of the book including how to test your vocabuary and how to chart the way children pick up language.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be recommending it.