Starlet's Run - Carla J. Hanna Full review posted here on TotalTeenFiction

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Spoilers for Starlet's Web ahead!

I received this book at the same time as the first book, and because the end of Starlet's Web was so dramatic I was really excited to start the next instalment! Starlet's Run starts out with Marie in hospital waiting to undergo treatment on her tumour.

What worked really well in this book was the emotional drama. I've become really invested in Marie as a character and with her life potentially in danger I really cared about what happened to her. One of my favourite parts of the book were the email conversations between Marie and Pierre, the other test subject. They were both going through the same thing I and I loved the way they shared their hopes and fears with each other. I could really feel the emotions they were going through.

One of my favourite parts of Starlet's Run was the trip Marie takes with her family to Montana. I loved exploring her Native American Indian roots and getting to meet other members of her family. I think the family dynamic and the family relationships are really interesting. This series is clearly very character driven. I still loved Marie's dad and stepmother and I liked their developing story in this book.

I had some problems in the first book with the relationships and romance elements of the book. This was a problem for me in Starlet's Run and that was mainly down to Manuel. I got so fired up about him. Throughout the story he is sulky and throws tantrums every other minute about Marie's life in the spotlight. I thought he was way to possessive and that the relationship between Marie and Manuel wasn't really that healthy. They're determined to spend their future together but I just couldn't help feeling they'd be better off apart. The two of them are also one of those lovey-dovey couples who just have to declare their love for each other all the time and that soppy stuff isn't really my cup of tea.

I still really enjoyed the exploration of Marie's celebrity lifestyle and it was really great to see her on set and working in Starlet's Run. She still has this mad, crazy life and I really feel for her and all the stuff she has to go through. Some of it is really horrifying, like when film producers panic because her skin is too dark. There's also the threat of blackmail and it was really interesting seeing Marie tested like that. I loved that the author has tackled those issues, though. It was really refreshing seeing the darker sound of the industry.

As the story is now focusing on Marie now she's out of school, it can be classed as NA. I think fans of New Adult would really enjoy these books. The relationship between Marie and Manuel has definitely stepped up a notch for those who like their contemporary romance intense.

I can tell these books have real potential and the characters are really interesting. I just have to put the romance to one side so I can enjoy the story. I have the net book lined up to read and I'll definitely be starting it soon. I'm interested to find out where the series is going.