The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What's Wrong with Modern Movies? - Mark Kermode If you listen to Radio 5 every Friday afternoon from 2-4pm, and enjoy what you hear, then you will love this book. I don't claim to be any kind of film expert, I'm more of a casual cinema go-er, but if you fall in to either catergory then this book is a must read. This book documents the failure that is 3D and the summer blockbusters we are forced to enjoy, despite the ever declining quality, and relives the glory days of film when film was actually projected from physical film as opposed to modern digital technology. It was certainly an education reading this book as, like I said, I'm no film expert but most of all it was completely entertaining along the way and had me laughing along at every Kermodian rant. Full of opinions, laughs and sheer brilliance.