Grace Williams Says It Loud - Emma Henderson I thought I would like this book more than I did, and whilst reading it I liked the story, but there were so many niggles I had with the way it was written that it put me off and made reading it a chore at times. Firstly, things that are written from a child's perspective always take a little getting used to with the quirky language. This was one of those books. I'd find myself having to reread sentences to make sense of them. Also, the swearing did put me off a bit. I'm not anti-swearing at all but it seemed too much in this book, and it was hard to see where Grace had even picked up the words. Finally, the book is set out in chapters that are named after years, and the book progresses chronologically, but within those chapters the time darts back and forth from past, to present, to future so much, sometimes without you even realising. It becomes a bit hard to follow after a while. Saying all that, the story itself I liked, I liked Grace and Daniel, and the second half of the book was definitely an improvement on the first which made it a worthwhile read.