Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella I've read a few Sophie Kinsella books in the past but I think this is my favourite so far! Lexi wakes up in hospital and can't remember the past few years of her life. She doesn't know her husband, she can't remember her dad's funeral, she can't remember how she got the job she has and looks the way she does. Bascially she's woken up with some kind of dream life. Not everything is as great as it seems, however.

I really liked the premise of the story, how Lexi has to discover everything about her life. It made for some hilarious moments (when her husband Eric presents her with a marriage manual...) and some heartbreaking ones. What's interesting is that Lexi discovers that in the few years she's lost since the accident, her personality has changed completely. She remembers herself one way, but everyone treats her as if she's this cruel, vindictive businesswoman. It made for a fantastic plot.

Overall I loved this book and if you haven't read any Sophie Kinsella before then I'd definitely choose this one to start. It had those cringeworthy moments that I've come to expect with this type of book and of course most of it would never happen, but that just makes it a perfect bit of escapism! I was in need of a fun read and this book definitely achieved that.