Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits, #1.5) - Katie McGarry Full review also posted here on TotalTeenFiction.

I really loved Pushing the Limits so I was intrigued by this novella. I've been putting off reading it because I don't usually bother with these little extras because they cost a lot of money for what you get, but when it was made available for free how could I possibly resist?!

Crossing the Line follows Lila and Lincoln, as they deal with the aftermath of the death of Lincoln's brother. When they meet at the funeral they decide to stay in touch via writing letters, and soon strike up a close friendship.

The first thing to win me over with this story was the letter writing thing. I am an absolute sucker for books that include letters and emails or anything like that, more so the letter because I love letter writing and it's something that seems to be dying out. The book opens with a letter and then little excerpts from Lila and Lincoln's letters are used at the beginning of chapters. I thought it was really sweet to see glimpses at what they wrote to each other.

Crossing the Line alternates between Lila and Lincoln so we get to learn a lot about them both. For a short story I definitely felt I knew the characters and even in that short time they were incredibly well developed. They both had their vulnerabilities and it was good to see how they helped each other overcome them.

The chemistry in Crossing the Line was the absolute winning thing about it. Lila and Lincoln have this amazing connection and obviously care about each other so much. They had a few obstacles to overcome which added a bit of tension. When I was writing my notes whilst reading this there were a lot of exclamation marks! They were just so cute together, I absolutely loved them. And the kissing! Oh there's lots of kissing. Yay.

This is a novella set between Pushing the Limits and the next book in the series Dare You To. You could probably read this on its own but it does give away some of what happens in Pushing the Limits. The story stands on its own but there are lots of references to Pushing the Limits, such as Lincoln's brother Josh having a connection with Echo's brother and references to Beth, the character who takes the central role in Dare You To. Echo and Noah make an appearance in the shape of a phone call. I was really excited to see them and learn what they were up to.

I'm so glad I got a chance to read this one. It reminded me what I love about Katie McGarry's writing and got me really excited to read more from this series. I think looking back I would have been quite happy to pay for this novella. It felt substantial enough and I came away feeling like I'd been immersed in the story and gotten to know some amazing characters. If you loved Pushing the Limits then definitely get your hands on this!

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