The Rock Star's Daughter (Treadwell Academy, #1) - Caitlyn Duffy Full review here:

So I got this book after browsing the Apple iBook store on the lookout for freebies. This was available for free so I got it, scanned the first few pages and suddenly I was hooked! I couldn't stop reading.

This story is about Taylor who, after losing her mum, is forced to spent the summer with her rock star father. He's never been present in her life - only supporting her by sending money to her mum and paying for her boarding school fees, so their relatiosnhip is practically non-existant.

I really liked Taylor and despite the ridiculousness of the situation she finds herself in, you could still really feel for what she's going through. Her dad has remarried and so she finds herself with a new stepmum and stepsister to get to know. I loved her personality, though, and her view of the world. She was a really captivating main character.

The story was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, too! Taylor has to trail around with her dad's band as they tour the U.S which means visiting new cities and getting to know the only other people her age on the tour - including Jake, the token eye candy. Their relationship wasn't the main focus of the story but I liked that it sort of ran in the background.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. There's plenty of adventures and ups and downs along the way. With the rock star lifestyle comes the dilemmas of alcohol, drugs and boys and even the adults are battling their demons, but it's all written from Taylor's point of view and I think her views on these subjects are what makes it interesting. I loved the writing style which kept me gripped and I was really happy with how the charatcers changed and grew throughout. I'm really glad I stumbled across this book!

It's Y.A meets chick-lit - a perfect summer read for a bit of escapism into the celebrity lifestyle!