Anywhere - J. Meyers Full review also posted here on TotalTeenFiction

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved J. Meyers' other books Intangible and Imaginable, so when I heard about Anywhere - which is a completely different genre to the Intangible series - I was really excited to dive in! Anywhere follows Skye as she embarks on her travels across Europe. When her plans with best friend Paige end up falling through, she finds herself in the company of the oh-so-lovely Asher.

It is so rare that I read a book with a constant smile on my face, but that is what happened with Anywhere. Like I'm writing this review straight away after finishing the book and I still have this ridiculous grin on my face. I adored this book. Completely and utterly adored it.

Firstly, I love a good road trip novel. Anything that involves travelling has me interested, and Skye's travels in Anywhere made for the most beautiful backdrop to her story. Along the way she visits, Paris, Rome, Venice, Bern and so many more gorgeous places. It was the perfect bit of escapism! The writing had me itching to be in Skye's place and be the one visiting all these incredible cities, because the descriptions of the places were so exciting! I read large parts of this book on my train journey to and from the beach, which was probably one of the most perfect places to read it.

The plot in Anywhere follows Skye and Asher, who meet at a train station in Paris and suddenly wind up heading off together to Rome. Skye's best friend has disappeared back home after some life-changing news, but Skye knows she needs to stay and finish her travels, as it's something she's so longed to do. I adored the way Skye had to spread her wings and find some independence. You could really feel that as a theme throughout the book. She's just narrowly escaped being tied down to a man she doesn't really love, and so the freedom to explore the world on her own terms is exactly what she needs.

And now we have to talk about the chemistry between Skye and Asher, which was just incredible! They hit it off straight away, but it never felt rushed or forced. The relationship between them just felt so natural and they fit together perfectly. They have the same sense of humour and the same outlook on life and thirst for exploration. As the relationship develops you get some pretty steamy scenes, but unlike other NA novels I've read, they never felt overdone or tacky. The tone was spot on, and I just swooned throughout the whole thing. I love Asher, okay? Can I have him?

I thought the two of them were wonderful characters, and I loved their individual back stories and how you get to learn more about them as the story went on. I think the relationship between Skye and her brother Julian was one of my favourite parts, and I particularly loved their text conversations. In fact, the use of text conversations between both Julian and Skye, and Skye and Paige really added a little something to the story. They were so fun. I thought the phone calls between Skye and her mother were a nice touch, too, even if their relationship is somewhat strained!

I devoured Anywhere in the space of a day, and it's a perfect summery read that will sweep you away. I got so carried away in Skye and Asher's story and their wonderful adventures that I just didn't want the book to end. And the ending - well, that had me practically jumping up and down! I really hope Meyers writes more books in this genre, because her writing is phenomenal and Anywhere just reinforced that for me. Now excuse me whilst I got and plan my travels around Europe and dream of finding my own Asher...

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